Outdoor Lighting Services in Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester County since 1957

Enhancing the outdoor ambiance of your home of office is easy with the help of Charles E. Richardson Electric. Charles. E Richardson has helped produce stunning exterior lighting for homes across Burlington, Camden, and Glauster County. When installed, these landscaping lights create beautiful and welcoming effects that'll make your house the jewel of the neighborhood.

Enhancing the Safety of Your Neighborhood

In addition to homes, Charles E. Richardson can also provide pole lighting for busy streets and intersections. Street lighting has been shown to reduce crime and car accidents. In addition, drive are much more attentive to their environment with enhanced lighting. We take pride in assisting municipalities and neighborhoods to increase safety among the population.

Protect Your Business

Do you want to feel like your business and staff feel safe when you leave the office for the night. We provide a number of options to give you peace of mind when you aren't available. If you want to install security lighting, call Charles E. Electric for options on how we can help. We can install flood lighting, security lighting, high and low voltage lighting for you and your company. Many companies install security lighting with no regard for aesthetics. We disagree with the notion that these lighting solutions can't be visually appealing. Call us today to see what we can do for you!